Sunny Skin Jeans are the perfect pick-me-up for winter worn legs. Infused with a nourishing blend of hydrating ingredients, the jeans are designed to boost the skins moisture – leaving legs feeling silky smooth, radiant and ready for the sunshine!

The formula is based on a lavish blend of natural oils and defined by two signature ingredients, Arizonan Jojoba known as Desert Gold and Vitamin E, an excellent skin conditioner.

Q - “What was the inspiration for Sunny Skin?A - Wrangler set out to create the ultimate summer jean for women. Continuing the Denim Spa innovation, the jeans leave legs feeling silky smooth, radiant and ready for the sun to shine. Fits and colours were selected to maximise summer fashionability.”

This finish uses squalane extracted from the olive fruit in a unique treatment that will moisturise your legs as you wear your jeans.

The positive benefits of this denim finish are enhanced with a feminine and uplifting blend of fragrance.

Denim Spa’s original Olive Extract finish does summer in style. Looks include beautiful dark blue and an incredible camo jacquard with a Western twist.

Wrangler Denim Spa gets legs
ready for the summer.

Infused with a blend of nourishing and hydrating ingrediants, Denim Spa jeans make legs feel silky smooth.

Q - ”How do Denim Spa jeans work?A - Every pair of Denim Spa jeans carries moisturising microcapsules that are fixed to the jean in a heat curing process. The microcapsules bind to the fibres in the garment, giving them good resistance to washing… while still allowing the moisturisers to transfer to skin whenever the jeans are being worn.”

Q - “How do the moisturisers reach the skin?A - The cosmetic ingredients are protected in microcapsules that are a thousand times smaller than the tip of a needle. When the jeans are worn, the friction of the denim against the skin progressively breaks open the microcapsules, releasing their content onto the legs. Plus, the way the fabric massages the skin boosts the overall performance, just as massaging on a conventional body cream helps to soften skin.”

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“Denim spa is an innovative, time saving solution to beautiful legs - a clothing revolution, combining fashion with skin health.”

Abigail James - International Skincare Consultant